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Please be informed that there will be a Live Broadcast for WOU Convocation 2017 events via WOUCAST(http://woucast.wou.edu.my) on the following date and time:-

23rd November 2017 (Thursday):
Session 1 (CEMPA, SST, SBA & SELC CONVOCATION 2017) @ 9.30am
Session 2 (CEMBA - SBA CONVOCATION 2017) @ 3.00pm)

24th November 2017 (Friday):
Session 3 (SELC, SHSS & SST CONVOCATION 2017) @ 9.30am
Session 4 (SST CONVOCATION 2017) @ 3.00pm

25th November 2017 (Saturday):
Session 5 (SBA CONVOCATION 2017) @ 9.00am
Session 6 (SBA CONVOCATION 2017) @ 12.30pm
Session 7 (SBA CONVOCATION 2017) @ 3.30pm

You may view them not only at your Regional Centers but also from home, as long as there is an internet connection.

Note: The event is best viewed online using Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge) and Adobe Flash Player plug-in.
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